Yamatoya MaternaEU High Chair

KM and I are super excited to embark on the ‘solids food’ journey with Z. Since Z has been exclusively breastfed for the past 5 months plus (going 6 months in 2 weeks!), we are really excited to start this new journey.

How do you know if your baby is ready?

  • Baby can sit upright without much support (this is so he/ she can swallow the food easily)
  • Interested in our food (which is pretty much at every meal time. Z has been trying to reach out for our food)
  • Baby can grab things (this is especially so for parents who are interested to embark on baby led weaning – this deserves another post)

So to sit upright and to build a good eating habit, KM and I decided that we should purchase a high chair and encourage him to have meals with us at the dinner table. (I’m brought up to watch TV and have dinner – super bad habit)

We  I started to research high chairs and this popped up. What I really wanted in a high chair was the stability to withstand his weight even when he climbs on it. (seeing how active he is, my worst fears is to have him climb on the high chair without me and falling over) Another requirement that I have is the table. I wanted Z to have his own little table (it also makes cleaning up alot easier for me) to work on his meals. Next, the high chair should also be at the dinner table height.

Yamatoya provides a wide range of furniture for kids from 6 months onwards. From high chairs, to baby tables and chairs, they have a beautiful range of classy wooden pieces that’s bound to make everyone desires.

This MaternaEU High Chair can withstand up to 80kgs! *gasp* i dont think Z would want to sit on it when he’s a teenager. But still 80kg!!! Besides that, it met the requirements that I was looking for including it being heavy enough for baby to climb into, comes with his own little table and it can also be kept so when he gets older, he can share our table. Besides that, the dinner table height was perfect.

So we tested the chair on him


It comes with the cushion so it provides a better support for him. He’s definitely loving the table, since he’s currently into banging tables with his little palms.

He absolutely loves it and we’re going to try solids this weekend! Woohoo!

If you’d like more information on Yamatoya’s latest range, do check them out at http://www.yamatoya.com.sg .


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