What we’re reading

What we are reading

One of the few good habits that I have is reading. I’ve always had a love for reading. Fiction usually. But these days I read alot more articles as compared to books. During my maternity, I decided to ‘impart’ my love for reading to Z. After all, there is only so much tummy time one can do. We ventured out to the nearest library (which is just opposite our place) and borrowed some books.

Our local library indicates JP in red on the book spine for books suitable for babies and toddlers. So for easy reference, just look for JP section.

1. Who’s next door? – Mayuko Kishira & Jun Takabatake

Why we love this? The bright colors of course. But the story also goes about how 2 very unlikely friends meet and how they kept their friendship going. Each page comes with doodled images and bright colours. One sentence only per page.

2. Stomp Stomp! A dino romp- Bob Kolar

This one is perfect for Z. KM picked it out actually. Bright colours and you have to read sounds. So if you’re expecting a story.. this is not quite it. But Z loves the strange sounds I have to make and of course more happy colours everywhere.

3. Good morning Dear God – Johannah Gilman Paiva

Takes you back to being thankful for the little things in life. I wanted to encourage Z to be thankful for friends, family, food etc. This book is absolutely perfect for him. Of course, some prayers in this book also include not hitting other people, something he hasn’t quite grasp yet. 😛

Well, we have more in store and I hope keeping up with this blog would make me more committed to taking Z to the library.


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