What if I won the lottery?

Today was another nap strike day with Z. He was rubbing his eyes and frantically looking for me whenever I walk out the room to Poo/pee. On top of that, I was busy with THREE full loads of laundry. Yes. You heard right. 3 loads because Z threw up last night on our bed, exploded on out bed this morning and the regular load of laundry I do every Monday. 

Since he’s on a nap strike, my go to method excluding the usual (nursing, patting, carrying) was to bring him out of the house. I’ve read it somewhere before that sometimes a different environment is all the baby needs. So I did. I went to my favourite hangout now… NTUC fair price. It’s air conditioned, brightly lit and full of random things to buy. (I’m also blessed to live near a larger than usual outlet) 

He did his usual, looking around, yawning and fussing and thereafter fell asleep in the carrier . While I was at the checkout, I stumbled upon a lottery ticket in my wallet for the lottery happening on Wednesday. Stared at the $2.4million and I had that thought. What if I won the lottery? 

What would you do with that money? First and foremost, I’ll stop working until Z turns one. As crazy as this routine I’ve mentioned earlier, I still love spending time with Z. One year isn’t too much to ask for. Plus, I’ll most likely still be able to return to work.

  1. Earn – I’ll buy another apartment with KM and pay it in full! So we can start earning some extra pocket money. Invest in a couple of stocks and shares.
  2. Return- Tithe it! Because I want to give God back what He gave to us. Give my parents and my in laws $100,000 each. Simply because they gave us so much. 
  3. Spend- I really wanted to head over to Korea for a trip with KM and Z. So that’s probably going to be on the list. Not to mention the shopping. Renovation for our new home! 
  4. Give – my siblings $50,000 each. Some to CHCSA, I’ve always wanted to support them in a more practical way. Sponsor KM’s MBA! 

I don’t really think I would want to spend on anything else to be honest. I would probably save most of whatever that is left after this brief distribution. If only… If only… I’ve won the lottery. But even if I don’t, even if I have to return to work next month, continue working to pay my mortgage and save really hard for our new home. 

I’m still happy that I have my little family. Love ones who loves me. And blessed by a God who constantly provides what I need. 

What about you? What would you do if you win the lottery? 


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