What nursing wear should I buy?

During my second trimester, my boobs started to expand. In fact, none of my bras could fit. That was when, i decided to purchase some comfy bras and dresses. I lived in maxi dresses, huge shirts with tights and my trusty crocs. As for bras, I didn’t want to invest in expensive nursing bras so i resorted to some alternatives.

For bras/ underwear:

1) Genie bras

426602154.g_400-w_g(image grabbed from: Qoo10)

During my pregnancy days, I wore them to death. One of the reasons why i refuse to pay for nursing bras is because I’m not even sure if I would end up nursing for a long time. So I tried these and it worked! I wore them to bed, wore them to work, it basically provided me with the comfort that I needed then. When I started nursing, these bras easy to pull down/ up and latch. It was so comfy, I bought more and I’m still using them to date.

When I started nursing, I also removed the padding inside and replace it with breast pads before I head out of the house. What I love about this? It has no wires. Wired bras are not recommended for nursing mums. It might cause your breast to clog up and trust me, removing those ducts won’t be as fun.

2) Uniqlo AIRsim Bra Camisole


(Image from: Uniqlo)

Why this is awesome? It is light. Not too warm and the built in bra cups, provide really good support surprisingly! I would usually put in my breast pads on top of the bra cups before I head out. Also, unlike nursing bras and the Genie bras, nursing mums can pull down the top and latch baby. Besides that, if you’re concerned about showing your belly or waist, this top would definitely cover all the right areas. Wear this underneath your regular tops/ t-shirts and you’re good to go!

This top retails at $29.90. A little pricy for me but Uniqlo do have the occasional sales. I managed to grab it at $19.90 per piece. Also, just to share, I bought the cheaper version on Qoo10 but it doesn’t give me the same support as this. The cup inside, often rides up, so that kinda defeats the purpose.

3) Sleeping bras


(Image: Sleeping bra)

Similar to my Genie bras but this sleeping bra is alot easier to pull down and latch. I’ve bought so many Genie bras so I gave this a miss. You can check it out at the local baby fairs for pretty good deals!

4) Nursing bras


(Image: Qoo10)

So I did end up buying some super cheap nursing bras from Taobao out of curiosity. To be honest, they are not that bad, just that it can get really challenging to unclip and nurse and clip back again with a crying/ wailing baby. So i gave up and decided that ‘pulling down/ pulling up’ method is easier.

I’ve decided to save them when I head back to work and pump.

For nursing tops/ dresses

1. Qoo10

I’m not really a big fan of the ones here simply because they dont have really nice designs. Let’s face it, we’re not going to look like cool mamas with these nursing outfits. I’ve bought a couple and I totally regret it. I’m just glad that I’ve only spent about $40 on it.

2. Oversized t-shirts

These are not only comfortable, but if your baby doesn’t mind, you can use the entire t-shirt as your nursing cover.

3. Button down shirts/ dresses

Msgm Button Down Dress - White

(Image: Polyvore)
Nursing mums can wear formal wear too! These button down work the same way, just undo a couple of buttons, pull up your bra and nurse away!
4) Front Zip Dresses
(Image: Boutique)
Same deal as the button down one. But its much easier.
4. Cropped t-shirts
Wear a tank top inside/ the Uniqlo AIRism and you can do the same ‘pull down and latch’ method.
Nursing isn’t easy. Nursing in public is even more challenging at times. The frustration to nurse a crying baby who hates the nursing cover or fusses around in a different environment can be quite stressful. But it is also really rewarding. At the end of the day, I try to encourage fellow mums to do what they feel is best.
After all, God did give us the maternal instinct.

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