Bringing your baby out for the first time 


Thank God I blogged about it. This is a really late post but I wanted to share my experience. Being a first time mom, it’s really quite daunting to bring a newborn out of the house ON YOUR OWN. 

So after my confinement, the nearest place I brought him is opposite my house (yup. And I overpacked). 

Later, I went out with my gf who came down from KL to visit. She, her BF and myself even made to a cafe, brought them out for food and ventured many places. Thanks to her, I decided that I should start conquering outside of my comfort zone. And I did. My first outing alone wasn’t all that bad. But i thought these are some pretty good tips to go.

1. Pack your diaper bag. You can check my diaper bag post here . Make sure there is more than enough diapers and prepare the stuff you need for feeding.

2. Check out family friendly places. Do you nurse? If you do, you can check out this mummy blogger here. This blog saved my life.   If not, find a mall that’s near a train station or bus stop from your home.

3. Carrier or stroller? The big question. Having tea? Lunch or a meal? A stroller would be best. You don’t want to have to carry your tiny infant in your arms while your sipping a hot cup of latte. Are you running an errand or heading out for a while? What mode of public transport are you taking?

Bus: carrier. In order to board the bus, you’ll be required to fold your stroller. It could get really challenging carrying your infant and diaper bag in one hand and folding your stroller with another.

MRT: stroller. It’s extremely convenient to travel in Singapore with a stroller on our trains. Lifts are provided at most exits. 

Taxi: carrier. You might be surprise that I’ll recommend the carrier but it’s really tough to maneuver with one hand on your baby and folding the stroller. 

Bring both? I’ve noticed a number of moms have ventured out with a carrier on their waist and pushing the stroller at the same time. It’s actually really doable and friendly. The carrier can come in handy when you require both hands to be free. 

4. Plan your trip. You need to consider how to get to the station / bus stop/ taxi stand. If you’re taking the stroller, it’s really crucial to think about the route from your doorstep to station/ bus stop/ taxi stand. 

At the various locations, make sure that you have on hand, your ezlink card, phone etc. You don’t want to have the extra stress of not finding your ezlink car while pushing your stroller with a crying baby. 

Most importantly, remember to change your baby before hand, and nurse him/her right before you head out. 

Time. To avoid the lunch crowd and the rush hour, try to head out after 1.30pm and get on the public transport before 5pm. This again, will give you less stress. 

5. Meet up with a fellow mommy. Someone who is more experienced and encouraging. One of my gf’s, have been really encouraging to me. In fact, our first meeting, we had a drink near a nursing room. We nursed together even and it felt so comfortable. Plus, she’ll probably be able to understand me more than any other momma’s. 

The first step is always the hardest. In fact, Z was so frightened of the ‘tunnel vaccum’ sound when he first took the train. Plus, our stroller has tiny wheels so I had to be extra careful when I wheel the stroller between the platform gaps. Z cried buckets by the way. But that didn’t stop me. We went on with this a couple more times and I’m proud to say, he’s a seasoned public transport commuter. 

So to all the new momma’s, don’t give up. In fact, when Z was wailing, I had to find a bench at the train station and nursed him on the spot. It was weird but hey, a momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do. Babies find comfort in their momma. So I take pride that I was able to give him that security then. 

So you should to. As moms, we should always take pride that we’ll be able to calm our child in one way or another. He/ she looks to you as  a form of security and comfort. 


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