Postpartum Update – 19 weeks

Momma: Just completed a full HIIT workout. I stared in the mirror for a really long time. Feeling sorry for my postpartum bod. Then I looked at my sleeping z. I would do it all over again. If there is anything I can do, is to work with what I have. I used to be a fat kid but I was determined. I told myself if there is any changes to make, it can only be done by me.  Been quite hesitant to post this pic but I decided I needed motivation. 


Photo taken a couple of weeks ago. I recalled taking this photo and feeling quite sad that i have some post partum scars. I’m quite sure there are a lot of women out there who feels the same. But I just want to encourage myself and others to work hard together! Let’s lose those and aim for a fitter body for our kids. After all, a fit body = more energy to run around with out little ones. 

So I’m changing I’m diet (diet plans have been failing because ice cream seems to be my only  happiness after a rough day with the baby). Start with little changes then more to come! Will update soon.

Baby: Doing great!! He can now aim to grab things when it’s placed around him. He is super drawn to fabric for now. Clothes, napkins, wet tissue. These are his favourite toys. He’s also been really irritable. We’re suspecting tt he’s teething soon. But other than that, Z is doing well. 

Also, this little boy has shown a keen interest in his toes lately. It’s like he just discovered them. 


2 thoughts on “Postpartum Update – 19 weeks

    1. thanks! you’re such an inspiration too. I’m trying to resist the sugar intake. it can get really tough when i have a rough day with the baby. 😦

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