Diaper Comparison- KCA

KCA and Onwards belong to same umbrella company. So far, we’ve used both products but I’ll save onwards for another day.

Image from : Vaby

I was really blessed by my gf who gave me a couple of samples. She shared with me that for KCA and Onwards, it’s better if we start with the M size rather than S. S size is rather small and short so be prepared to have poop riding up. 

One of the things that KM and I decided is to change his diapers regularly and not be too fussed about ‘saving diapers’. We’re also really okay to purchase lower end diapers to save cost. There is a downside for KCA though, there is no indicator on the outside so you’ll have to check occasionally to see if his/her pee or poop has exploded.  

Absorbent rate: High. If your baby is not as heavy. But I noticed Z is slowly outgrowing the M size since he’s pee load is increasing gradually. Also, the sides don’t seem to be able to hold his poop when he has a huge explosion.

So I would say Mid range for now. I wouldn’t let him wear this through the night. 

Softness on the inside: Low. The contact point with the buttocks is really not soft. Exterior too. 

Price: $0.15 per piece. Only when purchase at baby fairs. 

Where to purchase: Sheng Siong, Baby Fairs 

Through the night test: Diaper change at 8pm, checked at 7am, it was exploding 

Z’s age: 19 weeks old, Weight: 7.5kg


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