Diaper Comparison – Chikool Pants


(Image from: Chikool

Woots! We’re finally able to try this on Z. A close gf of mine was suggesting that I give them a shot and request for a sample.

The people at Chikool is really efficient I must say. I received the sample within a week of me requesting for one. Chikool is known for their organic diapers. They are naturally made and eco friendly too. Also, it’s breathe able so it prevents diaper rash.

Z haven’t had a case of diaper rash (thank God) since his first month. We’ve been changing his diapers regularly (5-6hours per time unless he exploded – poop). The only period of time that we skip the 5-6 hours rule is the overnight one. Hence, I would usually put new diapers to the overnight test.

Absorbent rate: High. Z can last with it through the night.  Close to 11 hours. 

Softness on the inside: High. The contact point with the buttocks is quite soft. But I find the exterior a bit rough. 

Price: $0.26 per piece. Quite worthwhile for pants. 

Where to purchase: Chikool 

Through the night test: Diaper change at 9pm, checked at 8am, it could take Z’s pee

Z’s age: 18 weeks old, Weight: 7.5kg


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