Gosh! I’m late for my post again. Well, last week was pretty eventful considering the weeks before. I’ve been down with a cold. And I’m still trying to clear the phlegm. 




1: Z went swimming again with his 2 friends Rylee and Cadel. He had a blast at the big huge jacuzzi! 

2: jab day. This time around, the grumpy nurse was extremely amused by Z. Apparently, she had a really rough day and Z is the most cooperative baby.

3:  baby Ewok! Or baby bear. We put him in his bear suit on Friday. Can’t get a bunny suit so this is second best. 

4: Z on uncle Nigel!

5: Grandma Lee managed to babysit Z for a good 3-4hours.

6: Z’s bottle outfit. 😂😂


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