Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew


Image by:  Kapie Eipak

there are many heartfelt wishes and personal anecdotes that are sharing in the cyberspace. It’s true, it does feel like we’ve all lost our grandfather.

He is our pillar and seeing him at every National Day parade makes me feel at home. We’ve seen his driven speeches, read his anecdotes and watched his smart antics towards foreign press. He is one remarkable man. 

There are some things though that I felt really hit me and lessons that I learnt from him.

  1. His tenacity and drive: watch his political speeches and you’ll see a young man full of vigor standing in the crowd asking them to fight! 
  2. He would get his hands dirty: he wanted change but he was also the main driver. He went around publicly campaigning. He went around expressing the need to change. He wasn’t afraid of getting his dirty but he wanted to show the people that it could be done.
  3. He had a strong backbone: despite being in the smallest country. He didn’t bow down to big players. He found his own identity, strive to make it better and refused to be bullied. Even when he was bribed, he refused to give in. He even rebuked the superpower.
  4. He loved his country: you cannot deny that we might never find someone who love Singapore as much as he did. How he feared when he worried about the separation to how he thinks years ahead for singapore at the age of 91. He sees us as his child that never grows up, constantly worried, constantly looking forward and plans for the future.

So thank you Mr Lee. For all that you’ve given. I pray that every single one of us in Singapore will appreciate your life’s work and be good stewards of it. 


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