How Motherhood changed me 

My mum pays us (Z and I) a visit on Tuesdays morning. That’s when she comes down from her place (Far East of sg) to mine before heading off to the far west. 

This week, while she was having her quick brunch and looking at Z, she asked me “what do you think changed since you became a mom?”

I didn’t manage to answer her but she replied on my behalf “less self centered?”. It’s true. I became less self absorbed. These days, it’s always about Z or KM. Is their laundry done? When is KM going overseas? When is Z getting his next jab? 

At the same time, I’ve also made a promise to myself that I will put in effort to look good for both of them. Who wouldn’t want a hot wife or a pretty mom? 

But there’s more to it than that. Being a mom has allowed me to understand how my mom thinks, why she did this, why not that? What were her circumstances?  

Being a mom made me set my priorities right. For the first time, I read through my insurance policies. I wanted to make sure that Z has enough for uni. I wanted to make sure that we would not have debts for Z to clear. On top of that KM and I have decided to save and build up our finances further this year. 

So how has motherhood changed me? EVERYTHING. I feel a sense of completeness with Z around. This sense of contentment and gratitude for God’s gift to us. I no longer see the need to enjoy the finer things in life. Simply put, I’m enjoying life itself now. 


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