How to lose postpartum weight


So I’ve blogged lately about my postpartum and how Z is doing at his 3rd month. Prior to that, I’ve been googling online to find out how to lose the postpartum weight and regain my figure asap. Truth is, being home alone with Z and loads of festivities (e.g. Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year), didn’t really help.

So I came up with a few tips that kinda helped me.

  1. Control your food intake DURING PREGNANCY. That’s right. You heard me. One of the things that actually helped me was my heartburn. Thanks to Z, he’s been pressing on my stomach when he got bigger. I had a hard time binge eating. So my total pregnancy weight gain was only 11kg. 3kg for baby, 2-4kg for breast tissue and the amniotic fluid and 1-2.5kg for the expanded uterus. oh and don’t forget the additional blood that we pile on which is approximately 2kg. (info from: here) So if you think about it, you shouldn’t have much to lose if you control it right from the start. (side note: Thank you Z for making Momma lose her appetite during her last trimester)
  2. Start with light exercises. I felt really weak after I delivered though I could hop out of my bed after delivery and even took a warm shower the next day. heh. But honestly, some chinese belief says ‘delivering a child is like taking a walk to hades and back’, it’s kinda true. So after I completed my confinement, I started to take walks around my neighbourhood. It started with 5 mins then 10 mins then 15 mins. Next, for my own sanity, I took the baby out in a carrier. Having the extra 4kg on me literally, make that walk a little more challenging. On my second month, I carried him on my carrier up the stairs instead of taking the lift. On my third month, I could carry him (6kg then), take a stroll down hill and up hill for 30mins and walk up stairs.
  3. Drink loads of water. Before I started breastfeeding, I hated water. I never liked it since I was a kid. But something about breastfeeding makes you really thirsty and I was constantly drinking water whenever I could. KM would occasionally bring a bottle of water into our bedroom at night so I could replenish my fluids.
  4. Eat cleaner. Its tough. I’ll admit it. But perhaps I’m just bored of hawker food and we’ve been longing for homecooked food. I’ve made soups and some simple dishes to get by.
  5. Breastfeed. I never thought that I would be one of those people who emphasize so much on it. But when I finally could do it, read stories of how women persevere despite all odds, I felt that some ladies might have given up because of the lack of knowledge. Im not against formula feeding but there is something really special about breastfeeding your own child. He/she smiles at you when you’re feeding. When your boob seemed to be able to stop him/ her from crying for whatever reason. When he/she learns how to grasp with his/her hands and they tug your shirt. It’s just a wonderful feeling. I’m just thankful that I have the privilege to do it and I have a wonderful family who supports me. KM too, strongly believes in the health benefits of breast milk. 🙂  Besides, breastfeeding does reduce the size of your uterus. FYI, you can literally feel it when it does.

So here are some tips on how to lose postpartum weight. Do you have any? Do share!


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