Postpartum Update – 13 weeks


Momma: Lost most of the pregnancy weight. Maybe another 1-2kgs left. Waist line has returned but tummy is still flabby. 😦 Started to have drastic hair loss, feeling a tad bit depress cleaning it up.

Fitness level: almost back to before. I can do a Hiit workout now without feeling faint.

Baby: Vaccinations at 3 months, Z is required to take a dose of the 5 in 1 jab. What does it covers? Boring fact, you can refer to this site. The PCV jab stated in the sheet only requires the baby to be vaccinated before he/ she turns 5. Since, we’re sending Z to the infant care, we felt it was best to get vaccinated as early as possible.

How does it work: the nurse would teach us (parents) how to grab baby’s thigh. Once she taught us how, we would proceed with the jab. Once the first jab is administered, Z wailed and bawled. I went out of the consultation room to comfort him. Minutes later, Z had to go for round 2. He completed his next jab on his other thigh and falls asleep in my arms. Poor kid had to miss his morning nap.

Couple of hours later, Z was running a fever. We fed him with syrup panadol but it failed badly. Z spit out the entire thing. 😦 KM bought a syringe instead the next day. We also used the Koolfever on him, monitoring his temperature hourly. His fever subsided after a while, though he did bawled for another hour because of the discomfort.

The day he was jabbed was a pretty rough day i must add. So, I would advice to new parents:

  • Stay home
  • Stand by the items that you’ll need (syringe, Koolfever pad)
  • Be strong

Its harder to watch your little one go through a jab than you going through it yourself.


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