Diaper Comparison – MamyPoko (Tape)


I havent done one of these for a while. MamyPoko is one of the middle to high tier priced diapers. They have a range of diapers including MamyPoko Tape Diaper, MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft, MamyPoko Maxi Absorb and MamyPoko Easy Fit Pants. I’m only reviewing the MamyPoko Tape.

Patterns and cartoons, MamyPoko has pretty cute patterns on the front part of the diaper similar to most brands. However, the design of the diaper that i bought from NTUC FairPrice is a lot shorter than the one my gf gave me to sample. Also, MamyPoko is also thicker than other brands that we’ve tried including Huggies, Goo.n and Bosomi. (will review more to come) Also, Mamypoko diapers can come from either Indonesia or Thailand (but I’ve yet to discover the difference).

Samples are only available in Malaysia.

Absorbent rate: High. Z can last with it through the night. Though shorter, it could still withhold his amount of pee.  (close to 12 hours)

Softness on the inside: Mid. The contact point with the buttocks are average. Its not very soft in particular.

Price: $0.26 -$0.28 per piece

Where to purchase: NTUC FairPrice, Qoo10.sg, Baby Fairs, Luv Babies

Through the night test: Diaper change at 8pm, checked at 8am, it could take Z’s pee

Z’s age: 12 weeks old, Weight: 6.3kg

For more details on the prices of diapers, please click here.


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