Our First Wedding Anniversary 

Finally! I have the opportunity to blog about our date! (I’m lying beside Z in bed now while he tries to continue his sleep) 

We had a post wedding anniversary dinner since KM had to work late on the actual day. I honestly didn’t mind. After all, I have the little one to accompany me.

KM really wanted to buy me a nice meal and I’m so thankful for that pampered dinner! We had an Italian meal at Basilico Restaurant. Located at the Regent Hotel, it serves a wide selection of antipasti, more than any one can ever imagine, plus a dessert buffet! 

It has to be one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Despite having Z crying in the midst of our meal cause he’s hungry/ bored/ angry/ tired that we’re enjoying ourselves. He probably thought he was forgotten. 

I felt super spoilt and super full! Our goes my diet again. 😦 

I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking.

I didn’t even get to eat EVERYTHING though I have the appetite of a breastfeeding mom. 

But I’m so glad we came out and had a super nice dinner. Thank you love!

To my dearest husband / best friend/ lover and the father of our little boy, thank you for your sacrifices for our family, for always putting us first. You are the man that God called into my life and it’s my privilege to be your partner and wife. I pray that our love and commitment towards each other will grow even more. I’m so happy that I’ve found someone who would love me so unconditionally..

Thank you dear. 


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