What’s in my Diaper Bag?


It felt like it was just yesterday that i packed my hospital bag. Time flies.

Every momma i know packs more than enough. Most of the time, we’re only assured when we’ve brought a little bit of our entire home out. I’m just sharing the bare minimum that I bring out for Z when we run some errands or we’re going to be out for less than 4 hours.

  1. Changing mat: I insisted on this so I don’t have to end up cleaning EVERY changing table whenever I use it. Paranoid much? Nope. In fact, most mums i know would be cleaning changing tables before and after use. Besides, I dont want to have to clean the table while carrying a wriggly infant.
  2. Poncho: Disposable ponchos are so convenient and so handy. I would use it if i’m carrying Z on a carrier, fully covered from the rain. If not, I can use it to cover the stroller.
  3. Nursing cover: Its so much easier to nurse on the go! Instead of bringing bottles and expressed milk, I breastfeed Z whenever he needs (for comfort, thirst or hunger).
  4. Swaddle cloth: This is my overpriced piece of bamboo cloth. It’s so useful I can’t even explain it. I use it as a blanket for Z when it’s cold and a cover for him on the stroller when the sun gets too blaring. It can also double up as a changing mat if you don’t have one.
  5. Wet bag: Has 2 compartments. 1) Put in items 6-11 into the bigger compartment. 2) Put in soiled clothes in the second one. There is no need to bring additional zip lock bags
  6. Wash cloth: I use this to clean Z’s face in the tub or clean up any messes when Z drinks.
  7. Socks: Z kicks alot these days when i change him. Somehow, he thinks its funny to watch Momma frantically cleaning poo from his butt. So sometimes, he kicks the dirty diaper, staining his socks. šŸ˜¦
  8. Onesie: Light weight and Z only needs to wear one piece.
  9. Hand sanitizer: I love this one from Babyganics. One of my favourite buys from Amazon. It doesn’t have alcohol and its a self foaming one. I would use it before I nurse Z or before I clean him. When we’re out, we touch handrails, elevator buttons, I definitely want clean hands before I touch my baby’s bottom.
  10. Diapers: Obviously, don’t bring just 1 piece. I’ve always bring out about 4 pieces so far it hasn’t run out.
  11. KMOM wipes: Every since Z started to suckle on his own fist, I brought these wipes out to clean his hands. These organic wipes are safe for baby.
  12. Baby wipes: Don’t have to say much about this. Basically to clean baby’s bottom

There are other lists available online. You can check out Baby Centre, I’ll be adding another item in this list soon, baby sunscreen since Z seems to get darker and darker when we head out.


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