Diaper Comparison – Huggies (Tape)


After I delivered Z at KKH, I was given this pack of 24 from the hospital. This Huggies Ultra JB’s size is perfect for a newborn. Since Z is only 3kg when he’s out, his tiny butt could only fit smaller size diapers. Anything too huge will cause leakage and trust me, for new mommas, you wouldn’t want to deal with so much unnecessary laundry.

Z’s age: 1 week old  Weight: 3kg

Absorbent rate: High. Though newborns are suppose to have about 8-10 wet diapers, Z could easily last the hours with this.

Price: Approximately $0.35 per piece

Where to purchase: Major supermarkets including NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Qoo10.sg


Lately, a girl friend of mine also passed me some S Huggies for Z since her boy grew out of it. So I had the good fortune to try this out! I have to admit, I didn’t have much expectations of it since I’ve tried quite a number of popular brands lately. But the size is quite comfy for Z though he’s about 6kg now. It’s slightly narrower from Mamy Poko and Drypers but it does the job equally well. Plus, Huggies do have the cutest wetness indicator in the shape of little droplets (this basically shows us when baby has urinated). One more thing I noticed is that Huggies has s stretchy back pocket. This is useful if your baby is a little wider. (Apparently, it’s also suppose to prevent back leakage – which I have yet to prove)

Length wise, its longer than Mamy Poko (this batch that I bought from NTUC lately seems a bit shorter than the one my friend gave me).

Z’s age: 10 weeks old  Weight: 6kg

Absorbent rate: Medium. Though it’s length is longer, Z’s explosion caused some spillage at the back of his pants.

Price: $0.27 – $0.35 per piece

Where to purchase: Major supermarkets including NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Qoo10.sg

Through the night test: Diaper change at 10pm, checked at 7am, it could take Z’s pee.

For more details on prices of diapers, click here.


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