Diaper Comparison – Nepia (Tape)

Initially, I wanted to do a super long post on diapers since I’ve been blessed with diapers for Z’s baby first month and my recent chats with a fellow mum was on this topic. Besides, there really isn’t much to talk about when you’re faced with your baby 24/7.

Just a short introduction, there are 2 types of diapers (tape and pants). Tape diapers are basically the ones with tape at the sides to seal and pants are the ‘Pull-ups’ (thanks to Huggies, these pants diapers have been ingrained in my mind as Pull-ups).

Diapers cost the same for each pack and brand but the no. of pieces varies according to size. For example, S: 82 pieces for $20, M: 65 pieces for $20. Diaper packs are usually in odd no. KM feels that its the diaper companies just want to make it complicated for people. So to accurately measure the cost, one should always divide it out per piece.


Made in Japan. Nepia is one of the pricy brands. We were really blessed to use this because KM managed to get them at a cheaper price in Indonesia (almost 30% cheaper). NB and S sizes do not have any interesting designs, which is a tad bit disappointing, whereas M, L, XL and XXL has either 2-3 designs per pack.

Absorbent rate: High – Z can last in it from 9pm – 8am (that’s close to 12 hours). We were using the Newborn sizes.

Price: Small size costs anywhere from $0.28 – $0.30 per piece.

Where to purchase: Nepia official site or Qoo10.sg 


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