Shopping Date with Dayton


I decided it was time for mummies to have a tea date especially since I have to start exposing Z to the outside world more often.

It wasn’t a very successful trip but good effort I guess.

Dayton is a month older than Z. He’s a 6kg baby! His mummy Gwen is an old friend of mine, all the way from Sec sch. She wanted to share some of her diapers loot and told me I should sample with Z before purchasing any brands. (Will do up a post on that soon)

We had our smoothies at Raffles City level 3. Level 3 has one of the better nursing/ changing room. Located close to the lift, ample space for parking the stroller, hot water dispenser and each nursing cubicle has a PowerPoint. On top of that, each cubicle has a light dimmer. So you can adjust the cubicle light according to your baby’s needs.

It is especially nice when you can nurse with your good friend on a couch with a cover or in the cubicle.

Z is usually calmed down after I nurse him when I get out of the station. He really hates the underground sound in the train.

Then Gwen’s brother wanted to get some stuff at the Motherhood sale at Habourfront Centre. Sale is still going on until the 25 Jan! I decided to accompany her since, it’s pretty near my home. So we did.

Z was fussing like crazy, there was quite a bit of a crowd and I’ve kinda given up shopping for anything. So I told Gwen to go ahead, I’ll watch Dayton since he’s asleep. Gwen helped me pick up some useful items including K-mom wipes (which she swears by), Bamboo swaddle (always wanted to buy this but it’s so overpriced) and one piece wears for Z (it came up to $2 per piece!!).

Yesterday was quite a breakthrough considering I had to nurse Z at one of the wait chairs outside Mothercare (super encouraged by a bunch of mothers who did that too cause Harbourfront Centre has only 1 nursing cubicle (with a gazillion mothers!). Finally, I accompanied Gwen for dinner at the food court then headed home.

The moment Z heard the underground sound again, he wailed. 😭😭
I had to calm him down, then hurried home. At Redhill station, I bumped into a family of 5. While I was queuing for the lift, the father took the eldest to the escalator so there was enough room for my stroller and I. I was truly thankful that some strangers would be so kind to a flustered new momma.

Overall, I give Z and I a 5/10 for this outing. Considering that we’re out for 6 hours. We made it with a stroller and the train was a real challenge.


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