How we survived our first week without a confinement nanny

2014-12-25 10.43.29

This first week seemed to zoom past. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to survive but with the help of KM and my gf who dropped by this weekend, it didn’t seemed too bad.

My daily routine has been:

  • Wake up before baby
  • Grab a quick breakfast
  • Shower baby
  • Pump milk
  • Laundry
  • Lunch
  • Super quick shower
  • Put baby down to sleep
  • Play with baby
  • Make dinner
  • Wait for husband to come home to have dinner
  • Have dinner (with or without husband => depends if baby is crying out not)
  • Pump milk
  • Shower again

Feeding baby is pretty much all round the clock. I’m actually kinda glad I manage to survive and I was able to latch baby on when he gets hungry. I cannot imagine if I have to pump 7-8 times a day and on top of that, sterilise bottles, feed baby. All these are just too time consuming.

Over the weeks, I’ve came up with some quick tips to save time and be more productive.

  1. Meals prep. My meals are very important to me. Trust me, this never used to be the case and I’ll gladly starve to get my old figure back. BUT baby comes first. Breastfeeding is an essential part of my routine and my favourite bonding session (though I am actually typing out this post while breastfeeding). I guess, every mother just wants to be able to provide for the child, in the most practical way ever, food and comfort. So for my lunches, I’ve decided to order in. I’ve signed up with Food Matters.Me. They provide lunches for the office crowd from Mon-Fri and delivery right to your doorstep. Perfect for a stay home mum who can’t seem to find time to shower. Food range from local delights to fancy salads, cous cous etc. You have the chance to pick any item out of the 6 in their daily menu. In fact, every meal comes with a calorie count and it shows you exactly what you are having e.g. XXX protein, XXX carbohydrates. Would help in my weight loss journey.
  2. Household chores. This is a real challenge. I wanted to save some $$ by doing the household chores since I’m going to be home ALL DAY. But no. It’s close to impossible to scrub the toilet, do the laundry,  iron the husband’s shirts and pants and nurse a baby. I might attempt this later but for now, my baby needs to be held ALL THE TIME. His tiny tummy seemed to be growing bigger and bigger each day. oh gosh. So for household chores, we decided to get a part time maid. Part time maids are a growing trend in singapore. Especially when getting a domestic helper to stay in with you 24/7 doesn’t seem like the most ideal situation. Interested? You can check out Spickify, this company provides a part time cleaner service with no agent fee.
  3. Get help. So, some of your friends decided it would be fun to pay you a visit. Sure. Get help. If they want to hold your child, let them (just make sure they use the hand sanitizer before they do). Get them to be your hands and feet. Running low on toilet paper, get them to pick it up for you. You’ll be surprised how helpful friends are. Rather than pushing your partner to do everything, let him enjoy the baby too.
  4. Go online. So you need to be super organised since you’re a momma and you probably need loads of baby related stuff. Since KM travels frequently, I thought it would be good for me to purchase the heavier items/ special items online. Sites like,, Qoo10 offer great deals from baby stuff, supplements, nursing wear etc. With a click on the mouse, shopping is now available 24/7! Besides shopping, bills can now be paid online with internet banking, we can now pay off credit card bills from other banks. Giro payment has also helped significantly, you can check out OCBC 360 account on how to enjoy higher interest rates.

So these are my 4 tips to save my sanity and be equally productive. Do you have any other time saving tips? Any mommas out there?


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