In the midst of my baby’s nap, pumping excess milk and battling with my postpartum hives, I decided to write this post. Thinking back, 2014 has been the most eventful year for me and the year that I saw God’s goodness in my life.

January – A month full of pre-wedding prep, we decided to plan a budget wedding. So we cut and saved whatever we could. I started to live in our new home though the husband isn’t moving in till we got married. We had a couple living with us as housemates so we could save the extra rent money.

February – OUR BIG DAY! Finally, the day has arrived and gone. We managed to clear 50% of our debts with our ang bao money! When we only expected to clear 25%! Thank God! We set off to our budget honeymoon at Boracay and enjoyed a short getaway. Little did we know, this honeymoon gave us Zion.

March – KM’s birthday! This year, we had a simple celebration with his family, I got him a macaron tower, built by my sister’s skillful hands.

April – We found out that we’re pregnant! After a week of guessing and predicting, we finally decided to take the pregnancy test kit twice to confirm. Just as a new life begins, another one is gone. This month, I also mourned the lost of a good friend, who perished in a motor bike accident. Someone who finally got a break in life just lost his. I knew then, life is so precious. Take nothing for granted.

May – Was uneventful. But baby started to grow and I entered into my second trimester. Yay! to no more morning sickness. I finally announced that I’m pregnant, a no-no in my first trimester.  I started to have my energy back and things at work got a little busier.

June – The ZOO! Fortunately, KM’s company’s family day is at the zoo! I’ve been dying to visit the river safari. It was super fun looking the red pandas, pandas and sea cows. Weee..

July – Was the start of my internship at a large MNC tech company. By chance and by God’s grace, I managed to have the opportunity to participate at this programme.

August – I continued my internship and made friends with a couple of interns. Time passes really quickly and I snug into my 3rd trimester. I had a larger appetite and I was constantly craving for different types of food. The good news is, it never happens at night so I managed to get what I want whenever I want it.

September- Birthday month. This year, KM brought me to Pasarbella. But i was too engross in buying new clothes and random stuff for minimoh. He got a little bit annoyed but I guess, it’s every momma’s excitement that they can’t contain.

October – We were just anticipating when baby will arrive. At the same time, KM had to worry about going to work in Nov and going overseas when I’m almost due. Lucky for us, minimoh waited.

November – Relaxing month. My gynae gave me a month’s MC to rest and recuperate for the upcoming PUSH! Everyday, we’re guessing when and how minimoh will arrive. I guess, he only decided to come out when he was evicted. I was induced on my due date. Lo and behold, he arrived within a short period of time and I didn’t have to experience long excruciating pain. Thanks baby!

December – A month of thanksgiving. We are surviving the first month with minimoh. So much to learn, so little time. Every day is a new challenge. Just when we thought we got the hang of it, he changed further. This month, KM and I also managed to clear our debts and hospital bill! Woohoo. Thank God, we didn’t need to pay too much for minimoh’s hospital bills. This past couple of weeks, I’m also battling with a nasty case of hives (I never had them before i got pregnant) and I’m beginning to think that I’m allergic to confinement food. heh.

This is my year in summary. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful and fruitful year. God has been good to our family and He grew it from glory to glory.

I look forward to 2015! New adventures with a little one and I’m pretty sure our lives will never be the same.


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