Zion’s 2nd and 3rd week

2014-12-18 10.30.59

Everything just got more challenging as time goes. This past couple of weeks I had to battle against my own skin rash. We’re still not sure what’s going on but after seeing my local GP, he diagnose that I’m having a skin allergic reaction to something. The itch and the constant post partum perspiration is annoying me. (i cant imagine women who don’t shower!)

Baby Zion is growing well, from week 2, we started to bottle feed (a big no-no) but he was constantly frustrated with the slow flow of milk coming from me. Trust me, his milk intake increased from 30ml to 90ml per feed within a week. Just when I produced enough at 30ml, he increased his intake the next day. 😦 In my heart, I was like ‘when will i ever keep up?!’ But my confinement nanny has been really kind, always encouraging and she made me her green papaya and fish soup. It worked wonders and by week 3 I was producing 150ml per feed. (He stopped at 90ml).

I never knew this whole breastfeeding thing was so challenging and emotional. I’m just glad I didn’t break down or get panicky. What should you do if you’re a new mum?

  1. Get help. With technology these days, getting help isn’t that difficult. There are all sorts of ways to make sure that you get the relevant help you need. There are lactation consultants who are experts in their trait (I recommend Sister Kang from Mount Alvernia) and breastfeeding forums where mummies alike share their experiences (as creepy as this sound, I felt like I had friends during this period).
  2. Don’t give up. What’s most miraculous is… after I had a private consult with Sister Kang, I begin to realise how God build each woman with the ability to provide milk for their child. Something that we need to believe though we have not seen it. It’s like having faith. Knowing it for real.
  3. Try, try and try again. It’s really tough. I’ve never felt so physically tired. My boobs felt like they have to earn their keep. But when I see Zion latching and enjoying his milk after, it’s worth it.

I know I should be sharing more exciting things. There are. E.g. Zion responds now to voice. Well, to my confinement nanny 😦 not so much to me or KM. But that’s about to change once I resume all motherly duties. Heh. Zion also started to focus his eyes on bright coloured things, making the cot toy that KM bought extremely useful. 😀 He looks at it during the day time and work on focusing his eyes.

In my last week, I’ll be attempting to bathe my baby. I’m a little scared but I know I need to step up to it. Please say a little prayer for me.


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