Zion’s first week

So it has begun. After we came home from the hospital, I was filled with anxiety about what’s to come.

At the hospitals, mothers are encouraged to nurse their child every 2-3 hours. Babies get to room in with mommas. So was Zion. My 2-3 hour naps have started even before I left the hospital. But we were fortunate to have lactation consultants round the clock.

They are just within a button away. They will teach you how to massage your breasts, how to let your baby latch on you properly and how bathe your baby. They’ve provided basic information and live demonstrations for mums at their bedside. Something I find extremely useful.


My milk hasn’t come in yet so Zion had to suckle to stimulate it. When we’re on our way home, baby boy was quite good and he slept through the journey.

We’ve called our confinement agency’s nanny the moment we confirmed my discharge details.

And Lo and behold, at my door step was god-send Auntie Li Ling. She arrived earlier and waited for us to get home. Strongly recommend new mommas to hire a confinement lady. I went through an agency called PEM agency.
They are extremely efficient and accommodating. All you need is to make the call, they’ll make sure you are taken care off. They provided a comprehensive list of herbs to make soups for you. Each soup would cover something. You’ll either be cleaning out your system or recuperating something. Honestly, this is one thing I believe in. Besides, the soups were really yummy!

The first thing she did was to orientate herself around the kitchen and bedroom to make sure we had everything we need. My in laws had kindly bought LOADS of ginger, some portions of vegetables and meat and they brought her to the markets and supermarket to pick up some other random items.

Trust me, when they got back, my kitchen utensils doubled. Speaking of which I need to figure out what to do with them after confinement. Hah.

This week, I was super focused on 1 thing. Producing enough milk for Zion. It was extremely stressful for a new mum. But my confinement lady was very encouraging.

She made papaya and fish soup (which is a milk booster) for me twice in the last week. Zion had to have enough so he wouldn’t be dehydrated and he would be able to get rid of his jaundice.

It’s a common thing among Asian kids. I caved in to giving him formula milk in the first week because he was waking up every hour in the middle of the night (that was our first night home). Talk about a stressful night. We fed him and the poor kid slept for a good 4 hours.

I continued to pump milk using our trusty Medela Pump in Style Advance. This machine is a life saver. We got the milk Zion needed and his jaundice dropped slightly.

Auntie’s papaya soup became a lifesaver. On top of that, baby Zion’s milk intake increased from 30ml to 90ml. Talk about a growth spurt within a week.

I started to watch auntie take care of him and each time I hoped and prayed that I’ll be able to do a good job when she’s gone.

One thing about babies, we need to keep talking to them in a high pitch voice to stimulate them and get them interested.

Over this week, Zion was able to focus his eyes on whoever that comes close to him. Facial patterns stimulate them too and he begins to learn how to copy them.


Love his milk coma face. 🙂

Will update weekly to share his development!


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