New Status: Momma

Introducing Zion Lim Zhi En….


Woots! I’m can finally see those little feet that have been kicking me and the tiny fingers scratching against me. We haven’t figure out who he looks more like but we’ll leave that to anyone’s interpretation.

He is born on Friday, 28 Nov, 8pm.

What happened? Well, we hit the 40th week of the pregnancy. Technically, he can stay in there for another 10 days but my gynae would usually recommend his patients to come in and be induced.

I was induced at 6-7am. The nurses basically put a tablet inside of me (down there) and kept me under observation for 2 hours. This tablet will start to trigger contractions. Basically, I was suppose to wait for pain.

After 2 hours, they will check to see how far I’ve dilated and consistently monitor minimoh’s heartbeat.

Most women would require 2 dosages of this medication so my gynae also gave me another appointment at 2pm for the 2nd dose. I was sent to my hospital bed after the 2 hours to let the meds continue hurting me. Heh.

It did work. And my pain scale rose to the extend that the nurses on duty called me to head back down for some painkillers (e.g. Laughing gas). At 1.30pm, they brought me in to the labour ward. There wasn’t a need for a second dose (I was in a lot of pain).

The midwives/ nurses gave me the gas which in my opinion doesn’t work. It feels like I’m drunk but I can still feel the pain. 😭

So that’s when they asked if I wanted epidural. KM told me to go for it and I did. I was in so much pain, I really wanted to give up.

The epidural required me to sit up, back facing the anesthetic doctor and I couldn’t move. The injection is huge but I reckon my contractions were worst then. So I couldn’t really feel much going on.

Epidural is God- send. I would say God’s gift to women simply because I managed to rest, nap in the labour ward while the contractions get worst.

At 7plus pm, I was fully dilated at 9cm (with the help of a small incision) and ready to push. My midwife is this super experienced auntie who gave me lessons on the spot on how to push.

As the contractions get stronger, it encourages my body to push. I managed to push him out after the 3rd big contraction.

He came out with a big head of hair (something that the husband and I didn’t have so we prayed for it). He was perfect. He cried a little while the midwife cleans him up and puts him on my for an hour of skin on skin. KM joined me. We stared at him. Can’t believe we made such a beautiful baby.

We are officially in love. In the midst of it all, we’re truly grateful for the prayers from our family and friends for a safe delivery. An almost pain free one.

We will be organizing a baby shower soon. So stay tune. In the meantime, im just going to be a momma who takes endless photos of her son and watch him sleep. 😃


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