Week 38


I havent been updating simply because, I’ve been super out of action. Weekends are spent in bed, snoozing and drifting in and out of my sleep.

Yeap. I sound like im in coma. From next week onwards, i’ll be working from home till my contractions arrive or my water bag burst.

But I’ve been spending more time with minimoh. Chatting with my unborn child and letting him know how i feel. We have our hospital bag on standby and my gynae is confident enough to tell me to see him at the labour ward. (usually other ladies i know have to go on a weekly checkup)

In our last examination, the gynae basically took a swab down there to make sure that I don’t have any bacteria infection before I go for a natural delivery. Then he did a pelvic examination with his fingers (a little bit odd), to measure how far minimoh is from the entrance and also to measure my dilation. I’ve dilated at about 0.5cm. A normal delivery can only happen after a 10cm dilation (something I still am a little freaked out by).

Then he said that my cervix is soft, so it should be good to go. Oh! and the last comment he made was that he could feel my baby’s head. (another thing I can’t get over)

So i guess my next post here would be when minimoh joins us in cyberspace. 🙂


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