3rd trimester part 3


The third trimester is the longest trimester but also the most amazing. I literally get to feel minimoh’s movements everyday. In fact, we’ve experienced a couple of interesting stuff together. Just this week, I felt minimoh’s hiccups before i managed to fall asleep. My little boy had to deal with his hiccups and try to get to bed. Nonetheless, its just too cute.

KM and I finally gave in and bought a bookshelf like thingy for the little one. We’ve been blessed with clothes, shoes and other stuff for nursing and cleaning him up. So blessed that our wardrobe is jammed packed and we had no choice but to buy him his own cupboard.

I am currently feeling quite tired now daily and I do struggle trying to concentrate at work. KM and I have washed all the baby necessities. (e.g. towels, bed sheets, clothes) with baby washing detergent. This range of detergent are gentler on the baby’s skin. Will share more of my Amazon baby haul soon!

In the meantime, KM and I have been busy cleaning the house, packing the hospital bag and washing minimoh’s laundry. Will share more in the next few posts.


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