3rd trimester part 2

Some of my friends have remarked that I don’t seemed surprised these days. I can only say, since I found out that I have a living person in my womb, I’ve changed.

Ever since then, I’ve been nothing short of amazement and worries. Yet, at the same time, I learnt how to trust God even more than before and believe in the dreams and visions that He gave us during this period.

Last night, I slept on my back for a short while. That’s when I was awoken by Minimoh moving vigorously. I’m assuming that he probably feels the lack of room and got a little frustrated. I made it a point to sleep on my left hand side so he gets more blood flow. His movements lessen and we managed to get through the night without having to get up too many times.

But this morning, I freaked out again when I couldn’t feel him move even as I get ready for work, had breakfast and went to work. ‘i prayed in my heart, please don’t let anything happen to minimoh. I wouldn’t mind him kicking me all day and night as long as I know he’s safe’

It’s like God heard my prayers and felt the anxiousness of my heart. Minimoh gave me this.


And I’ve never felt happier. I’m so smitten by this little boy even before he arrives. And i cannot be more grateful for God’s promises to me.


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