3rd trimester

I entered the third trimester 2 weeks ago. My current mood, a little more tired. I’m beginning to eat alot more than usual. But I’ve also started to throw up a couple of times. But it’s not as bad as the first trimester.

Minimoh is beginning to kick up a storm and I’m constantly distracted during the day by his active kicking and movements. At times, its also an encouragement for me to get through the rough day. Things, just never get easier with work.

Emotionally, I do get a little mad easily and I’m the least patient person I know. (sadly). I’m just glad that my husband is never the trigger factor and both of us have supported each other even more than before. 🙂 Something i’m truly thankful for.

To share, the 3rd trimester is one of the most crucial period for a mom.

  1. You need to be aware of how you sleep now. The best position to go to bed is to sleep on your left hand side. It promotes blood circulation and that would help your baby as well as your cramping calves.
  2. Exercise. It’s still the best thing to do on a rough day. I’ve been taking walks and I will be taking walks all the way till I deliver.
  3. Laugh. Because your child could experience how you feel. I’m sure happiness is one emotion that every mother would love to share with their child.
  4. Talk. Babies recognise their mother’s voice when they’re in their mum’s wombs. Instead of listening to mozart or beethoven, a baby finds most comfort when they hear their mum’s voice. So sing to them, tell them how much you love them and how special he/she is to you.

The physical aspect of this trimester might be a bit draining now. But feeling minimoh’s responses makes me happier than ever. 🙂


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