Amazon haul – Cosmetics


CoverGirl Lineexact Liquid Eyeliner 

This eyeliner is the bomb! I must admit, I bought it because I was curious initially. Currently, I’m using the marjolica eyeliner. They’ve received raving reviews from quite a number of my girlfriends and sites. But the one thing I don’t like is that it flakes off when it dries up after application. KM hates it when he sees those flakes on my face.

But this CoverGirl liquid eyeliner gives off a matt surface. Lines are drawn clean and its a super handy size to drop it in your handbag for any touch ups. (not like you need any) because this guy here, lasts the entire day, with no flakes and no residue!

Definitely give this an 9/10.

Cost: US$6


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, Tokyo

I’ve been looking for matt lip stick for the longest time. In fact, there is something classy about that polished clean finish on a lady’s lips. NYX is a drug store brand over in the states but not so much here in SG.

I was introduced to the NYX soft matte lip cream by It’s Judy’s Time. I bought a bright red matt lip cream the last time around at bugis. So I was kinda glad that when i managed to find another colour. This one, gives you a sweet overall look. Just a thin layer is enough.

I’ll give this 7/10. Simply because, the application for light colours are a little tricky.

Cost: US$6

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.53.05 PM

e.l.f 100 piece eyeshadow, marble 

Every girl needs her colour palate. I know its a little insane but its so cheap! Its always so good to have a range of colours to work with and try out that make up tutorial. So far, the pigment is okay. I havent had a chance to compare it with other palates since I’m so new to this.

Cost: USD$10

Well, that’s most of the cosmetics that I’ve purchased! Wee…


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