Kikki.k’s new series


I was drawn to this through an EDM. I know, it’s sad. I’m actually on a loyalty programme with Kikki.k. Nothing excites me more than running down to the ion outlet at Orchard and checking out the latest stationery.

One of my closest friends describes me in Kikki.k as a kid in a candy store. Says I look like I’m high.

But yes, recently, kikki.k launched their latest range of Lilac and gold stationery! I’m a big fan of lilac and I was surprisingly excited when I saw this beautiful combination.


These colours are not only pretty but the gold text just makes it even more attractive.

I bought a couple of gel pens (I usually get these when I can’t resist getting nothing out of the store) and I’m so tempted to get their notepads (I have a gazillion notepads waiting for me in office).

I’m gonna start thinking about this series for a while. Might head back to grab those notebooks. If you’re a big fan of cute and inspiring stationery, you have to check this out!


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