A bus ride


A couple of months back, KM and I rushed to take our regular bus ride to church on a Sunday.

We were really fortunate to have caught the bus in time before the rain poured. On our journey, we bumped into a Caucasian mother and daughter who boarded the bus. They were slightly drenched but we could all witness the excitement of the little girl, sitting on 2nd level of the bus, looking out in front.

Her mum was running her fingers through her hair, smiling. She turned to a stranger and asked “where is this bus heading to?”

The stranger replied politely, ‘it’ll go through orchard road and it ends in bedok.’

The mother smiled saying

thank you! She wanted to board a bus so we just boarded it to let her try it.

KM smiled at me and asked me, “would you do that too dear? If minimoh just wants to board a bus because he wanted to?”

“I’ll try.” Smiling back to my husband. Often we’ve read stories of how parents forget that their child is learning and that every experience Is an adventure. We get busy, we hurry them to school, to enrichment classes, to church, to their grandparents’ place.

I’m not really sure if I would be like that mother on the bus. But I do hope that I’ll be able to give minimoh as many little adventures as we could.


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