Baby boy inspiration

Since we confirmed that minimoh is a boy, I got really excited to shop. All the tiny rompers, tiny booties and socks got me really excited!

But that’s when i realised… ‘What about his pants?’ Baby girls wear tights. But what about baby boys!?!?!? So I’m pinteresting, searching online for various small human clothes. 


1. Boys can wear tights too! I am in love with these cute moose prints and other random animals. So minimoh is probably going to dress in these most often when we’re out. Cotton on baby and H&M kids have pretty affordable pants, with special offers like 2 for $20. 



2. Pants!

 Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.53.32 PM

Grabbed this cutie off Carter. It’s not too overpriced too. Pair it with a cute statement tee and a pair of sneakers, I’m quite sure minimoh will be a heart-throb. As you can tell, I’m madly in love with my son though I haven’t seen him yet. 


3. One piece jumper


I’ve always loved this. But I’m probably going to wait till he gets older so he can fit into this nicely. 🙂


When all else fails, I might just leave him in his natural state at home. 



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