Pince and Pints

2014-08-11 18.32.07

I havent written a food review for a long long time. But I had one of the best meals in a long time so I have to give credit to this place. 

I’ve read raving reviews from the various bloggers so this is probably nothing compared to theirs. KM and I took the monday off to spend more alone time with each other before minimoh joins us. We spent the afternoon napping and relaxing before we decided to move our butts. We tried a local bakery near my in laws place. 

I decided to bring KM to explore the houses/ architecture around tanjong pagar and everton park area. He loved it. Walks are one of our favourite ways to chat and talk about our future and other random things. That’s when we went by Pince and Pints. It was already packed when it’s 5.45pm. 

They dont take reservations and you can expect a waiting period of at least 45mins. The wait was worth it! I’m so glad we decided to try the Lobster Roll and the Live Whole Lobster.

2014-08-11 18.49.37

The Lobster Roll is THE BOMB. Homemade bun with steamed lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise. Everything in that plate was made with care and precision. I was really impressed that the fries were nicely done, salad was evenly mixed with its dressing (not too soggy) and the butter sauce on the side was just right.

2014-08-11 18.50.02

The Live Whole Lobster definitely didn’t disappoint us. We chose to grill it since our lobster roll was steamed. The slightly charred lobster was delicious. It wasn’t overly done and the sweetness of the lobster was enhanced with the cooking method.

We paired it with a glass of wine for KM, plain water for me. 😦 Both of us thoroughly enjoyed it so much, its ridiculous.

One more thing, I have to add. The service is exceptional! Each service staff is focus on serving a limited no. of tables at one go, allowing them to be really attentive to our needs. On our way out, after a sumptuous meal, nothing beats having more than 4 staff thanking us for dropping by.

This is really one of the best meals KM and I had so far. Thank you Pince and Pints!

Pince and Pints

32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089496 
T +65 6225 7558


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