2nd trimester part 2



I’m 23 weeks 6 days pregnant today! So last night, we finally met up with my gynae. Its my fault to be honest. Doc had to change one appointment and I changed the next 3. 😦 due to my work commitments and my internship at another company.

#fun fact: at 24 weeks, a baby can survive outside of his/her mother’s womb with alot of medical attention.

Good news is… all is good!  In the last detailed scan, usually done in week 20-21. It also checks my placenta, blood flow to minimoh and his size. Despite my small built and ‘almost invisible tummy’ to some of my friends, he is of average weight. (Basically, things you want to hear as a pregnant mum is ‘normal’, ‘average’ and even ‘unexciting’)

My gynae reiterated that minimoh is definitely a boy. He showed us his tiny ‘manhood’ between his little thighs, he explained that minimoh is in a breech position. (means his head is upwards, this boy is definitely not coming out anytime soon)

I’ve been feeling his movements even more often than before which is still pretty awesome and we’ve noticed in scans that he really enjoys punching my belly. (i dreamt that he had his first yard fight when he was pretty young. I’m quite sure that will happen now. :S)

On the bright side, we’ve been really blessed! Some of our friends/ ex colleagues, decided to pass us some hand me downs! The list includes:

  • baby clothes
  • baby carrier
  • breast pumps
  • additional baby cot for my inlaws place
  • baby bath tub

Woohoo.. at the rate, we’re almost ready for minimoh!

Current weight: 53kg

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Minimoh’s weight: 800g



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