It’s been 5.5 months since we got hitched! Life has been pretty interesting since then and everyday I’m grateful that God was our matchmaker. So what is married life like?

1. Living together

Honestly, we are really blessed. Considering that both of our families have extreme hygiene habits and the meticulous levels of both of our families are really at world’s end, we turn out to be pretty moderate. Both KM and I can be messy in our own ways and crazily neat at certain times. We haven’t killed each other yet. In fact, we started laughing at each other’s hygiene habits and we learnt how to clean up after each other (yeap after each other, not just our own messes).

Household chores were predominantly done by moi previously, until I started to grow a human inside. 🙂 KM started to chip in whenever he can. He suggested having a part time maid but after actively searching for one for a month or so, he decided against it. He grew even more determined when he realised how much money we could save if we didn’t get a part time maid for the next few months. (that cash could be put to better use for our little one)

Slowly, we started to build a routine everyday. It starts in the morning (where he gets up first, because i need my beauty sleep, then he wakes me up gently, i get ready while he prepares breakfast (usually toast with cheese/ nutella/ peanut butter or the occasional cereal). We say a quick prayer before we head out to work together. After work, we would have a simple dinner (either bought from the nearby hawker centres or i whip up a simple one dish meal), i’ll clean up, have some fruits and watch telly/ YouTube videos till bedtime.

2. Making decisions 

KM and I would usually discuss our decisions and rationale behind it before making it. In fact, we are really blessed. Most of the time, both of us come to an agreement about the decisions that we make and we stand by it. Together. As a couple, since we decided to purchase our first home, the loans that we took, the discipline to clear off our debt and put our luxuries aside have paid off. Most people would remark our insane decision to purchase our home. But we stood by it and we are still standing by what we have decided on. Rental was also another issue that was brought up by many friends and family members. But still we stood by it and we are thankful that having rental income has paid off.

Our lives have slowly gelled as one. In fact, I think I never been more grateful that we are able to come to agreement that easily. When I decided that I should go to KKH instead of a private hospital, he stood by my decision and we sang the same song in front of everyone who queried us.


3. Spoiling each other

Fortunately, both of us are not very materialistic. But he did spoil me whenever he could. In fact, everything i own in my handbag is bought by him (handbag included). He gets me what I need and somehow, his gifts never fail to please me. I do my best to buy nice things for him and practical ones whenever I can. I love spoiling him when he gets home, serves him his food, chill his fruits and make extra effort to do those little things. Him, on the other hand, is always excited when he gets to be treated like a king. 🙂

One of the things, we’ve both learnt as a couple is the more you praise a person, the better that person will be. We praise each other for the little things because we truly believe that we should learn how to count our blessings.


I never knew that being married can be so fun and enjoyable. I’ve heard of difficulties and rough patches. In fact, I was all prepared to go through disagreements and arguments. But none of it happened when we decided to just communicate and bear our hearts out each time.

Today, marks our 3rd year together as a couple. We’ve grew from dating to marriage and now preparing to be parents. I’m really blessed that we have each other and now with minimoh on the way, our adventure is not about to slow down.

To my husband/ best friend/ father of our little one, I love you very much and I don’t think I can say that enough. I’ll always be thankful that you were obedient to God’s prompting to ask me to be your gf 3 years ago. I bet, you’ll never expect us to come this far. Thank you for your love. You make me feel secure, comforted and never fails to make me laugh with your silliness.

If you haven’t found that special one, be patient. I urge you to wait, put God first and let Him deal with the rest. Remember, when He does introduce someone to you, don’t expect him to be perfect or to be that dream guy you’ve been waiting for. What you think might be suitable for you, might not actually be. Trust Him. He knows you better than yourself.


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