Questions you should/ shouldn’t ask a pregnant woman



I decided to curate a list of questions I’ve been receiving from friends around me these days. 

For those who didn’t know that I’m pregnant.

1. Whoa! Did marriage feed you that much?

I bumped into a classmate from my polytechnic when i hit the first trimester. The first thing he said was ‘OMG! YOU”RE FAT!’. Trust me, I did not have a good day and I really wanted to punch him in the face especially since I just threw up my lunch. 😦

2. What happened to your memory?

Yes. For a pregnant woman, I can vouch for this. I’ve seen videos for 3 times in a row and i still cant remember most of the content! I get extremely frustrated by this especially since I started my internship.

3. Do you really need to sleep that much?!

Yes. WE DO! I’m extremely upset when someone asks me that. I mean, everyone has the right to sleep as much as they need to and everyone has their own needs. 

4. Are you hormonal or what?

obviously… but yet during my first trimester, i had to hide it from everyone cos I just wasn’t sure if the pregnancy was going to move smoothly. It was really hard especially with the people closer to me. 


For those who found out that I’m pregnant

1. How much weight have you put on? 

I’m like… its almost impossible to skip this weight question. But considering that ‘pregnancy’ is suppose to be a milestone to let you eat whatever you want, I’m getting used to answering this question. In fact, it’s encouraging to keep my weight in check since I’m not planning to hit more than 7kgs by the end of this pregnancy. 

2. Is it planned?

Yeap. For KM and I, both of us decided to come clean with it at the first instance especially since it came so soon after our wedding. I’m not fussed by this but I do think, its pretty funny to just laugh it out. Besides, there’s nothing shy about being fertile. 😛

3. Are you sure you’re suppose to be eating that?

I got really affected when someone tries to restrict me from eating something in my first trimester especially when i was desperately trying to swallow ANYTHING. KM and I decided to go with a ‘what my doctor recommends’ theory rather than just listening to any hearsay. There’s just too much superstitions to worry. (yes, i dare say its superstitions until I’ve seen some medical reports on not eating something) 

4. Are you suppose to be doing that?

I’m pregnant. not disabled. I’m well aware that I can’t carry anything too heavy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t carry anything. But at times, I’m aware that some of my friends/ colleagues are just concerned about my well-being. So I let them help me. 

5. Why aren’t you trying anything to educate your unborn child? (tai jiao in chinese)

I am. I’m just not doing the whole ‘play classical music to my belly’ thing. Instead, i believe in speaking positive things to my child. I do want to start a routine of some sorts. One of the things KM and I decided to do, is to pray with minimoh every night before we go to bed. Prayer is the most powerful tool a mother can give her child. Everyday, I will talk to minimoh (esp since I’m in the 22nd week now, he can hear me), tell him that ‘Mummy loves him, Daddy loves him, Jesus loves him’. This to me is more important than anything else. 

Why a prayer before i go to bed? Since I was a kid, my parents used to encourage me to do that. In fact, when i used to have nightmares as a child, my mum would pray with me and put me back to bed. I want to do that with minimoh one day. In the meantime, this is probably the closest I’ll get. 

Do you have any other questions to add to this list? If you do, do share! 


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