2nd trimester

I haven’t been blogging and I felt really guilty about this. These days, I’ve been sharing my ‘mummy- to – be’ thoughts on Dayre instead. It’s bite size information and things that I can write on the go.

Entering 2nd trimester is a real relief. I have my energy back, I can now sleep at 11pm or even later. I take occasional naps on weekends with the husband. We figured, we should just sleep as much as we can until Minimoh arrives.

Last week was a really exciting week for us. We visited the gynae and sonographer for a detailed scan. This detailed scan includes checking minimoh’s:
– lungs
– heart
– kidneys
– blood flow (in and out)
– lips
– head size
– limbs (just to make sure that they’re proportionate)
– confirm gender

We spent a total of 30 mins looking at minimoh unsure of what we’re looking at :/

But we’re relief to find out that minimoh is ‘normal’. (Probably the only time in a child’s life that parents want them to be normal)

I’m visiting the gynae again on the 29th after clashing quite a no of appointments with me. July is an awfully busy month.

We can’t wait to announce

minimoh is a BOY!!

KM is extremely excited. He always felt that boys are harder to manage when they’re kids but easier as they get older. He’s probably worried that he might shoot every guy that tries to come close to his ‘daughter’ if he has one.

I’m currently on my 21st week. But at my 17th week, I’ve been feeling slight folds in my tummy. It’s a strange feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on. But that’s when I realised, the movements are minimoh’s doing.

He’s getting stronger as the days goes and everyday I look forward to feeling his kicks and punches! In about 5-6 weeks, I should be able to see the movement on my belly. Will try to upload that on my Instagram.

In the meantime, I do have other exciting news at work and I’ll share it again in my next post! Stay tune!


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