Stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the most awful things left behind after pregnancy.

What are Stretch marks?

They are a form of scarring on the skin after your skin is stretched for an extended period of time. Besides pregnancy, people often get stretch marks when they’ve lost lots of weight and have their skin stretched. (Well, you get drift) I’m not going to upload photos of stretched marks here. Its really quite disturbing.

Recently, a gf of mine was sharing with me the other day that her friend who just gave birth refuse to let her see her belly just because her stretch marks got really bad.


Hence, I’m sharing 2 of my favourite products right now that are extremely popular among new mummies and basically anyone who struggles with stretch marks.

Bio-oil can be bought at any major pharmacies. It’s really affordable and cost only $15.50 for 60ml. Trust me, I’ve been using it religiously and it looked like it hardly moved. But being extremely determined to be a hot mama, I’ve also invested in Clarin’s Stretch mark control cream. I’ve heard raving reviews from every pregnant woman I knew. It’s less affordable than Bio oil, costs about $85 for 200ml.

How should I use it?

Application should start the moment, mummies to be enter into the 2nd trimester. That’s when you start expanding rapidly. (I’ll share about that soon)

It should be used twice a day. Same for both products. Once each time after you shower. Apply on tummy areas (for mummies to be) and your thighs, buttocks and another gf of mine was telling me to apply some on my boobs too.

Right now, I’m using both products at the same time. One for the mornings and one at night before bedtime. It can be used all the way till your baby is out. If there are some signs of stretch marks, these products should minimise it further. (so the idea here, is keep using it)


I think Bio oil can be absorbed easily on your skin. Though its oil based, it honestly doesn’t feel as gross as I thought it will. It does have a smell though. But it wasn’t as bad as Cocca Butter (im just not used to the smell)

Clarins is really light and easy to apply. It doesn’t feel sticky. In fact, I’m quite happy that I bought it though, feeling a lot more assured after the end of my pregnancy.


Lazy women like myself, would take a while to get used to this routine, considering that I have more fabrics to wear now. But better now than regret in future.


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