Yesterday, we felt young! We partied like a teenager in Church. It was the EMERGE weekend and I was so drawn to all the testimonies, performances that were shared by these young people.

I’m well aware, I’m out of the phase but then again King David danced in front of all his subjects. He rejoiced with them like nobody’s business. We head bang to youth electronic tracks and dance to the victory of our Jesus’ resurrection. 🙂 What a beautiful sight.

Our Sunday, was super eventful. After service, KM and I joined his cg for a movie at Marina Square. We caught the much awaited TRANSFORMERS! You have to catch it! There was so much more fighting. No sappy love story and you’ve gotta love the  new cars!

Then, we  rushed down to Bukit Gombak to join my old friends at  her little one’s first month.


Hello there Desiree, Welcome to our world! She is one little angel. Sleeping through noise, her soiled diaper and she was even carried by numerous people (each time, falling back to sleep) Look at that chilled pose. Im really happy for Jeff and Angeline. I know they will make great parents! Can’t wait for minimoh to meet her! 🙂



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