Mothers support group




One of the fun parts of pregnancy is having friends/ people around you who are also pregnant. There is nothing more fun than to share common stories, share ideas and support. The amount of fears you have as a first time mom, is pretty daunting. But having someone to talk to about big bellies, stretch marks, gynaes, c-sec and babies’ clothes can be pretty comforting.

In fact, in a men’s world here at work, i’m quite fortunate to find a small group of young mothers, who’ve just gone through their pregnancy and maternity leave. They’ve shared so much information with me over time and have helped me through the last week. Heck, they’ve even shared where to buy cheap infant clothes for our growing babies and their experiences with various equipment.

For me, im even more fortunate to have this group of ladies who are from the same church as I am, who are my colleagues and who encourages me too. They helped me look forward to what’s ahead and encouraged me not to be too worried about what is to come. I never thought I’d say this but im really grateful for this.

As time goes, my fears have slowly slipped away. In fact, KM was checking out my growing belly last night and he remarked that we’re about to hit the halfway mark in pregnancy. In 5 months, our lives will never be the same with an inclusion of an additional family member. It’s just hard to believe that time flies so quickly.




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