Boy or Girl?



If you didn’t know by now, the gender of the child basically depends on the sperm chromosome that fertilise the baby. You can check this out if you’re interested. If you’d prefer a more interesting fun fact of the baby’s gender, you should check out this link.

I’m currently at week 16 going on week 17. We (minimoh and I) just visited the gynae yesterday for our follow up session. Honestly, I thought I might have a slight glimpse of minimoh’s gender. So I can start buying those super cute onesies. (besides its the GSS, i should make use of this opportunity to buy more baby stuff. right? right!) Unfortunately, the scan was a simple one so I could only have a sneak peak of what this little one is doing. (sometimes, just being able to hear minimoh’s heartbeat, makes me feel more assured) Watching minimoh doing his/her thing is really cool, while staring at the screen, I could see minimoh moving his/her mouth (not too sure if he/she is chewing or trying to talk) and minimoh was touching his/her face. Its too cute.

Anyways, enough bragging of my kid here. Since i have a month to go before I can find out what is my child’s gender, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. Here are some ways I can try to check out my baby’s gender:

  1. The Chinese Gender Predictor: Apparently, its almost 90% accurate and it only requires your age when you were conceived and the month of conception. That’s not too tough eh? You can give it a shot here.
  2. Myths unveiled: There are some myths that are associated to this. For example, if the mother is more moody than before, she would probably be carrying a girl since she has more female hormones. Another one, if the mother enjoys eating the ends of a bread loaf, they are most probably carrying a boy and if the mother enjoys eating the middle of the loaf, she would most likely be carrying a girl. One of the most common myth, if the mother looks worst during her pregnancy, she is most likely to carry a girl since her daughter would most likely steal her mom’s looks. To have a quick test on all these myths, you should check out this test.

That’s probably all Google could help me with at the moment. Do you have any other methods to predict? Do share!




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