we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

I was really stoked to hear that KM’s company’s family day would be at the ZOO! i know, im acting like a little child. But its always fun to have KM around when we see animals or the aquarium. He’s more learned in these areas as compared to me and would often tell me facts about them. (something I find really fascinated with)

We took a cab down on Saturday to the zoo and it started to pour when i was having my 2nd breakfast. (yea, you read that right.) I love breakfasts these days and I can’t do without one or two breakfasts. Since it was raining heavily, KM and i decided to head over to the River safari first.

Boy! I’m impressed with what they did with the place! Following a very simple tour, we covered the major rivers in the world and the animals living in them. Obviously, the highlight was the Yangtze River, where we dropped by to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai, our 2 pandas from China.

Pity, Jia Jia preferred to hide indoors and Kai Kai was happily snoozing in the cool morning.


I didn’t think he noticed our presence.



Lucky for us, the red pandas came out to play! KM and i were super thrilled to see them prancing around, showing off and posing for our cameras. They seemed to enjoy the attention. If you’d like to watch a short video of them, you can check out my instagram account@leedear.

The visit to the River Safari cannot be complete without our Jia Jia and Kai Kai baos.



They’re pretty alright. But for the fun and novelty of it, KM was willing to humour me to buy a pair of these. We headed over to the zoo once we’re done with the River Safari. His company held a simple lucky draw and some fan fare. Honestly, i had a good laugh with all the stage games. We had our lunch provided by his company and head back to the River safari to take the boat ride. The boat ride was pretty good. We had the opportunity to go up close to the animals (except for the jaguar. I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to be that close either). But it was a little too fast! We couldn’t see the animals longer and we’re unable to take pictures quick enough. Note: if you’re looking to take the boat ride, its always better to purchase your tickets in the morning to avoid any disappointments.


After the boat ride, we went back to the zoo. KM was raving about the polar bear and his new home. Yea, KM had the opportunity to visit the zoo and the river safari before I did.  We checked out our favourites including the giraffe (i have a fascination for it), the rhinos were pretty happy too and content (our zoo just had a new addition! and she was galloping around the pen, getting the adults to play with her), the hippos (dont seem to smell as bad as i remember), white tigers etc.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Yea. Polar bear was asleep! Gosh. He was in such deep sleep. Dreaming while he moves his huge paws up and down. The new enclosure is a lot bigger than what i recall as a child. It’s new and clean with plenty of room for a single polar bear.

KM and i were exhausted by the time we saw most of the animals. We’re pretty happy that we managed to spend some time together alone since he’s been busy travelling this month. Speaking of which, he’s away again this week. So I’ll update my next visit to the gynae here soon.



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