First trimester part 2




Week 6: the start of all the vomiting. In fact, my body was quite on time. Just when i thought i might be in that small percentage of women who managed to escape from morning sickness. I WAS WRONG. The first dish that ended up in the toilet bowl was Hokkien mee mixed with soursop juice from Redhill market. Gosh. I havent had Hokkien mee since that day. When i went to see my gynae, he said morning sickness is good. It shows that your baby is growing and developing.

Dear Minimoh (what we are calling our baby until we have a name), Mama is going to take sufferings (e.g. vomiting, tiredness, swelling boobs) so you can grow well. I pray that you will continue to grow as big as possible and when you’re ready, Mama can’t wait to welcome you into our world. Papa and I will teach you Sunday school songs, read bible stories to you and probably bring you around our world to show you how beautiful and how grateful we are to have you in our lives. 🙂 So grow well my little one!

Week 7: I’ve been staying at home most of the time after work. I couldnt really move around much. In fact, i think work took up too much of my energy in the day that I would sink in my couch by the time I hit 7pm. I would try to stomach whatever I can at dinner time and it would usually end up in the toilet bowl.  My husband says my puking is just too much for him to handle especially the sounds of my groans. The weight that I’ve been trying to lose for my wedding (a whopping 2 kg) is lost when I’m pregnant. Can’t really explain the irony now but yea.

Week 8-10: The husband kinda got used to the idea that I will be throwing up in the next couple of weeks and the sounds just drown out after a while. Gosh. He even asked if we should get a stool so i can sit near the toilet bowl and throw up more comfortably. I gave him a death stare. heh. But he was really gentle with me, encouraging me and ‘sayanging’ me. I think pregnancy took our relationship to a whole new level simply because I needed more of his attention and I got really lazy/tired. I’m just thankful that he was able to pick up the pieces.

Week 11: We decided to go on a baby moon with the parents in law and his brother and wife. Its a simple one at much raved Montigo Resort. To be honest, I very much wanted to sit in my room and enjoy the view or just enjoy the resort’s facilities like the pools, gyms and basically lounging around. But i guess the family thought otherwise. Im kinda glad that they kinda enjoyed the short break though I wasn’t really up for it. But I must say, they have really GOOD MATTRESSES for their beds. I literally sink into mine. I thought that was one of the best highlights. But the nausea hasn’t go and I havent been feeling the best. But still, I guess, this trip is pretty good to just spend time with the in laws.

We had a tiny scare when I was feeling pains in my lower abdominal area at the end of the trip. My MIL felt that I was probably car sick from the road trips. But I honestly didn’t feel like it. I couldnt swallow my lunch or dinner on the 2nd night. So the moment we touched down in SG, we went straight to KKH 24 hour clinic to get myself checked out. Though by the time I got there, the pain was ‘occasional’. I don’t really know what to make out of it. One of the nurses asked me some usual questions:

1) Any spotting?

2) Which area is painful?

3) When did it happen? How often is it?

In the midst of the high human traffic, she was able to reassure me when I said I had no spotting. Reassurance is always a plus for a 1st time pregnant lady. The doctor took a scan and it was the first time KM is able to see minimoh with his/her arms and legs. Hah. Minimoh was pretty active and oblivious to what was happening outside my womb it seems. He/she even did a mini flip when the scanner went pass. The doctor smiled. Heh. Not bad my baby amused a doctor. (cheap thrill) Doctor says my uterus is expanding for the baby so its natural to feel pain. Yea. I totally did NOT expect that. He gave me some pills to help me deal with the pain and send me home to rest. 🙂

Week 12: One of the milestones is the OSCAR scan. Basically, you can opt to do this test to find out the probability of your child having down syndrome. One of my girlfriends asked if that is necessary. Honestly, nothing is necessary but I guess when you’re pregnant thats when you’re really concern about the well being of your child. No?  If there is anything that parenthood has taught me in these short months is, I really have no clue how to do this, there are so many ways for things to go wrong.. and Im just glad that I believe in God and faith has brought me this far. There is NO CERTAINTY in anything. But yea, back to the scan. I went for it. Prayed for good results and thank God, baby is fine and the probability of baby having down syndrome is 1: 14,000. YAY!

It is close to the end of my first trimester. So I decided to break the news to my cg mates, friends and some of my closest ones. I don’t intend to go wholesale on facebook.

Week 13: Nausea is still happening. But not every night. Yes, if you havent noticed by now, morning sickness happens throughout the day. NOT JUST IN THE MORNING. Things got a little worse when I fell ill and I’m still in the midst of recovering from a dreadful cold. So I took a couple of days off and had the boss’ permission to work from home for a couple of days. THANK GOD FOR GOOD BOSSES who are extremely nice to pregnant women. I know so random but its true.

I’m currently on week 14 going on week 15 and I just met up with a gf last night. (that deserves another post, simply because we spoke for more than 3 hours over dinner.)

I’m eating ALOT more now. Thank God! Will update more!


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