First trimester







As they put it, every woman is different. In other words, your pregnancy symptoms might be different from mine. Its perfectly normal. To be honest, most ladies have remarked that they were experiencing similar symptoms as their mum. Same for me. 

At week 4: i missed my period. I didn’t think its a big deal since I just got married. But the major difference I felt was that I was really sleepy at like 9pm. That’s really strange considering that I usually go to bed at like 12 midnight. Anyways, KM was away then so i thought, probably good to sleep early anyways. 

When he got back, i shared with him my symptoms and he’s like ‘Are you serious? Do you think your pregnant?’ That’s when he decided to double check with our best friend Google to find out if I’m pregnant. He went through the list and he was getting a little worried. heh. I decided, we should just take the pregnancy test kit to check it out. 

Week 5: Sunday, we bought the pregnancy test kit and…. its a blurred positive. (so pissed off with ourselves! Argh!) Sunday night, we decided to buy another pregnancy test kit at 7/11. This time, its positive for sure. okay, reality hits and we decided to head down to a GP for a more thorough test on monday after work. We did and this time (WE ARE DEFINITELY PREGNANT!) The GP told us to take a shot of the test kit. LOL. too cute. 

We set the earliest appointment we could at KKH. After contemplating the various hospitals and considering distance as one of the factors i decided (mostly me) to go with KKH. I saw the differences in hospital beds and service. But it doesn’t really affect me. The only reason why i decided to go with KKH is, THEY HAVE EVERYTHING THERE! If there are any complications, some hospitals might not have the right facilities for it. So yea. Better safe than sorry. 

If your interested, you can check out the various packages here.

The good news is, after we did our first scan, we could hardly see the baby and its really an early pregnancy. The doc gave me folic acid and said i needed to have at least 5mg everyday. At least something came out of it. 


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