Growing up


As i hit my late 20s, I begin to realise that many of my friends had chosen very different paths in their lives. I’m both excited and a tad bit jealous of them. 🙂 

I was never really close to my secondary school classmates. I guess there was a drift or a gap between us. My secondary 3 and 4 classmates were split into 2 different groups after we graduated. The polytechnic and the JC bunch. Fortunately, most of us had the luxury to choose our preferred routes.

Though most of us have moved on to universities, our life choices still differ quite a fair bit. I recently saw a friend of mine setting up her own Dogs boarding place, I guessed she followed her passion and decided to take the plunge! Good on her! 😀 (this is one the friends that im jealous off) Some have pursue their passion in diving during the recreation time and kept to their day jobs. Some find the greatest job in the world is to be a mum and decided to follow her husband to Aussie to be a full time mum. It’s beautiful. 

Some I saw are still pursuing their banking careers, having flashy lifestyles and all dressed up in expensive clothes. I respect that. Some kept to the same passion that they’re after. They stayed on with what they wanted to pursue since I knew them. 

As i come close to 30, i begin to reflect what i really wanted to have when i was younger:

  1. I wanted to be a high flyer! the life of luxury was my main aim when i was in my teens. to me $$ is power. I’m not anywhere near that. 
  2. I wanted to be in love. 🙂 by God’s grace, I married a man who is gentle and kind and super loving too. 
  3. I wanted to be a mum before i turn 30. (i still have some time.) 

When i got older, i begin to realise that my dreams and goals have shifted slightly. 

  1. I want to help people. One at a time. Lead them into knowing Jesus. 
  2. I want to stay in love with my husband and be a good wife. 
  3. I want to be a mum. 

what are your goals and dreams? how far has it deviated?


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