What it means to be the eldest child?



I was just thinking about my childhood and the fun times I had with my 2 sisters when this topic came about. I thought i should share what it means to be the eldest and how it kinda directed my life’s choices.


1. You are always an ‘example’

Well, at least that’s what our parents lament about all the time when i make a mistake. it’s true. my sisters saw me as an example, my escapades, the late nights sneaking in, the horrible rules that i make for myself (which i totally disregard my parents’ opinions). It’s still fun though, when my sisters look up to me and wonder what in the world was I thinking when i did those stuff. Somehow, my ‘good’ examples don’t happen very often. Even when they do, my sisters don’t seem to use those as ‘examples’. 


2. You never have to deal with hand-me-downs.!

Woohoo. I passed my clothes, shoes, books to my younger sister and she passed it on to the youngest. It always seemed like i have the newest clothes, shoes and books. Heh. 

It did kinda bite my in the back, when i realised, my sisters are outgrowing me after i hit secondary school. 😦 boohoo.. gone are the days of bragging and strutting my new stuff around the house. 


3. You are also the first ‘test subject’ 

Being the eldest means you are your parents’ first test subject. You have to deal with parents lack of experience. They either spend tons of money on you to give you opportunities to try piano, ballet, Chinese calligraphy, tennis etc. this list goes on. It’s only much much later, they begin to realise that their child’s ability to learn really depends on their own interests.

4. You get the opportunity to bully one of your sisters with the help of the other!

Hahha. I bet you guys didn’t think of that. That victim of choice is my youngest. Since we were kids, we loved to tackle her and tickle her till she gets so exhausted and admits defeat. Now that we’re older, Eliza and I would tease her about silly things that she did and we balanced it out by praising her gifts and talents. This includes just annoying the crap out of her.

I love being the eldest child. Though that also means, I have a default tendency to want to take care of others. But I’ve always enjoyed this role. To be honest, I’m thankful for the opportunity. 


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