Happy 31st birthday Husband


I decided to make breakfast for him. Skewed bacon wrapped asparagus with scrambled eggs.

Then he went out for his usual Saturday guitar lesson while I mopped, vacumm and worked out.

Once he’s back we decided to explore a couple of newer bakeries/ pastries shops in Everton Park. Everton Park is one of the upcoming trendy places. It’s near the popular Strangers’ reunion, One Keong Siak street and Highlander Coffee (one of my poly mates work there! Go support them)

KM have been wanting to try our Audacious Cakery.




The set up was really nice, with white chairs and a room full of light.

We ordered the Earl Grey Creme Brulee, but was really disappointed with the sugar crust. It was way too thick. Eating it was really unpleasant. KM ordered the Chocolate Souffle, i thought it was alright since it wasn’t too sweet. But KM felt the crust was too hard and it wasn’t as yummy.

The coffee was the worst of the lot, it was painful to finish it. I suggest that if you’re trying out their pastries, it might be good to order their teas instead.

We decided to explore the neighbouring cafes to try out some of their pastries too since we aren’t too satisfied with theirs.


The Grin affair is one humble little coffee shop. It has the bare essentials when it comes to decor. But this modest place has a lot more to offer. The Grin affair specialises in cake jars.


We order the lychee cake in a jar and it was really good. It had a good mix of cream, fruits and cake. Not too sweet. We headed back home for our afternoon nap and went to meet his family for dinner at Spring Court Restaurant. We ordered their Peking Duck (if you spent, $85 and above in a single receipt, you can get this for $0.85), Spring Court Popiah, Chicken with fish paste, Da Bai Cai with dried scallop and yam paste with ginko nuts for dessert.

I highly recommend their Peking Duck, Da Bai Cai and Yam Paste. We tried their water chestnut dessert and it tastes like water. 😦

We headed back to our home and cut KM’s cake. This year, we got Cheris to bake a macaron tower with her super yummy brownie fudge cake. Warmed brownie served with Haagen Daz macadamia ice cream and coffee ice cream. This thing rocks!

To my birthday boy, you are the best thing that happened to me. I love waking up to your smile each day and grinning at your cold lame jokes. You never fail to make smile with your funny dances and your ‘creative’ cooking. I love you.



One thought on “Happy 31st birthday Husband

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    The Audacious Cakery

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