Tanjung Pinang


(above: godma’s backyard. where they used to play games)

Tanjung Pinang is the capital and second largest city of the Indonesia province of Riau Islands after Batam. It is near Batam and in the recent years, it’s becoming less popular since Batam became the focus for more touristy related activities.

Tanjung Pinang is also the home to my godma’s parents and a place where she grew up. She only moved to Singapore after she married my god father and decided to build her life in Singapore.

She shared her life and her hardships when indonesian chinese were persecuted quite badly, she shared about how she fled from indonesia to singapore with the help of her family. I am truly thankful when i hear stories of these tragedies.

We visited her old friend and caught up on recent events before heading over to her parents home. My godma is very skeptical of the locals, she wouldnt take any public transport including taxis or buses, so walking was our only mode of transport. Lucky for us, her parents’ home was close to the ferry terminal.


(above: image of the doorway from the back)

Her father refuse to change the tiles and paint over though the condition of the house is pretty bad. She proudly declares that the house is over 100 years old and passed down from her grand parents generation.


(above: bathroom in her home)

We continued to explore the place and chatted with my godma’s father. He was really skinny for his age and he’s lost so much weight. But he insists on doing what he needs to do by himself.


(above: old wardrobe that was previously used by godma’s grandmother)

With his age, he was able to carry a small pail of water from the first level to the second level. That was his form of exercise each day. He would also fold his own laundry in a particular way that he likes.


(above: that is godma’s father’s bedroom)

Everything about godma’s father’s bedroom is at its original state. Nothing has been changed the longest time. There are no air conditioners, fans or anything resembling a modern life.

We stayed on for another 1 hour as godma and i hang out at the balcony at the front of the house, fanning ourselves furiously with the rattan fans.

We said a quick prayer before heading off to the ferry terminal and make our way back to Singapore.

A short one day trip but it meant so much to my godma, to finally be able to spend sometime with her dad and do her duties as a daughter.


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