In summary, I’ll recommend boracay to anyone.

We spent close to $400 for 2 on air tickets and $700 for 2 over the 5 days 4 nights.

The view is absolutely gorgeous and the water is clear, the sand is too fine. Woohoo.


I’m sure this guy agrees with me.

You’ll need to spend at least 5days 4 nights since you’ll spend the first and last day on the road.

You have a variety of things to do or not to do. You can laze around the gorgeous white beach (station 1) or hurry along and try out some of those sea activities (e.g. Sailing, parasailing, snorkeling).


So don’t wait! Take the next flight on tiger airways!


5 thoughts on “Boracay

    1. Hi Jae,

      Thanks! I love Boracay! I can’t wait to be back. Do you recommend any other islands in Philippines?

      1. I have only been to Boracay in the early 90s, and according to some family and friends, it has changed a lot since. It’s become more commercialized now, hence its popularity among tourists.

        If you’re into a more serene beach getaway, I highly recommend going to Cebu and Bohol. Note that these two islands are only a superboat apart (30 minutes travel time if memory serves me right). You can either stay in Cebu, then go on a day trip to Bohol or vice versa. We stayed in Cebu for a little over a week, and spent a day tour in Bohol. What we did while we were in Cebu was booked into different hotels on different days. The hotels we stayed at were Shangri-La Mactan, Waterfront, and Crown Regency. The city is known for its sumptuous SuToKil (Sugba-Tula-Kilawin) where customers get to choose their own seafood, and decide how they want them cooked.

        The next time we visit that area, we’d love to stay in Bohol longer, and cross Cebu every now and then.

        I heard Palawan and Davao had beautiful beaches, too.

      2. wow! thanks for the information! Will definitely check it out. 😀

        Have a great day ahead!

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