#mohlu Honeymoon Day 4

Our final day!


We decided to start the day with breakfast at our balcony. ❤ the view again.


We made arrangements to meet our boatman from the sailing ride, the previous day to bring us out to island hop, this time to the villages. We head out to meet him but we’re unable to find him. 😦

So we decided to head back to the room since it was drizzling. We waited for another 15 mins and i saw my husband looking out the windows sulking. I had to take that boy out. We got lucky and found the boatman and the weather was glorious. We took a really long long ride and we finally reached this island.

IMG_6534[1]Took some shots of the kids in the village while we’re waiting for our cave guide.


This cave seemed small but when you head inside, you will walk through 0.5m deep. Its insane. Make sure you wear those helmets, its easy to get carried away while your trekking.


I love this boy.

IMG_6536[1]That’s the entrance of the cave.



IMG_6541[1]love the view. We’re glad to be away from all the tourists on a saturday.

IMG_6542[1]Our boatman/ guide bought us to a little river. It was really shallow and spring water is good difference from the sea water that we’re in.

We played with the bamboo raft and sat down on the river bed. this is life.

IMG_6546[1]We got some good home cooked meal. It was delicious. Besides us, there was a small group of locals celebrating their birthday and they offered some of their food to us!

The morning glory here is prepared like an appetizer. The chicken is nicely seasoned with dark sauce.

We were enjoying this halfway when the rain came and we had to hide in one of the shelters. We waited till the rain stopped before we head back to the sail boat and sail back to the main island.

The boatman charged us 3000 php for 2 pax but we decided to tip him an additional 300php for such a wonderful experience. This includes all the food, beverages, hikes and the sailboat ride.


We decided to warm ourselves up with some hot coffee and cakes. You should check out this cafe at D’Mall and try their famous Mango cheesecake.

We went back to the resort and take a shower before we head out.


We took a slow walk along the beach this time to appreciate the sunset. It was a beautiful day. We ended the evening with some italian food but it wasnt worth mentioning. 😦


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